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April, 2014 | Keoki's Corner

Keoki's Corner

Why Vaccinate Your Pet?

In our last discussion about wellness care for your pets, we discussed the wellness examination. When your pets come to see the veterinarian for their wellness exam, they will be assessed for the risk of exposure to infectious diseases. Many of these diseases can be prevented through vaccination. Puppies and kittens go through a series of vaccinations against common, preventable diseases. These vaccinations need to be boostered at appropriate intervals to provide continued immunity. Continue…

Why Wellness?

You see the doctor for routine exams, but does your pet? Regular wellness exams are an integral part of your pet’s preventive health care program. In the coming weeks we will be sharing information with you on wellness and preventative care subjects.

“Why wellness?” you may ask.  Wellness care can save, prolong, and improve our pets’ lives through disease prevention and early illness detection. The most important aspect of keeping your pet healthy is bringing them in for wellness exams. This is a thorough examination of your pet. Based on your pet’s age and risk assessment, these exams should be done at least once or twice a year. Because pets age more quickly than we do, doing exams more frequently gives us the opportunity to detect subtle changes in your pet’s condition and catch problems earlier, before they turn into more serious problems. Continue…

Dog Park Safety

Off-leash dog parks are becoming a popular place for people to take their dogs in many communities. And with the summer quicklyDog Park approaching, many will be starting to take their dogs there. They are a great way to let your dog off leash safely, giving them an outlet for their energy and a chance to socialize with other dogs. While they are great for giving your dog an outlet for their energy, there is also a risk of injury, disease and ways of preventing these types of situations. Continue…