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We are AAHA Accredited & Celebrating!

Over the last few months we have been busy working on some changes that you will learn about in the upcoming weeks. The first bit of exciting information we have to share is that we recently had our American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) inspection and passed, which means we have maintained our accreditation for the next three years! AAHA, along with a group of veterinary experts, developed the AAHA Standards of Accreditation as benchmarks of excellence. As an accredited practice we must meet over 900 standards and criteria and pass rigorous inspection regularly. Only 15% of veterinary hospitals in the United States are AAHA accredited. Visit AAHAnet.org for more information on AAHA and accreditation.

What does this mean for you and your pet? It means that we are in a better position to provide your pet the highest quality veterinary care and client service. Some areas of evaluation for AAHA accreditation include medical records management, diagnostic capabilities, on-site pharmacy, safe anesthesia procedures, modern surgical facilities, dental care, pain management, nursing care, sanitary conditions, and continuing education for our doctors and support staff. The AAHA Accreditation Program helps veterinary hospitals incorporate these standards of quality care and procedures into their day-to-day practices, ultimately raising the level of care being provided to companion animals while also increasing loyalty among veterinary staff.

Becoming accredited is voluntary and we have chosen to go through the accreditation process as part of our commitment to providing our clients and patients with the highest possible care. The standards set by AAHA are always updated to keep our practice on the forefront of veterinary medicine.

AAHA also has a great website for pet owners:  HealthyPet.com where pet owners can learn about standards of veterinary excellence, search on medical topics and learn about many pet care issues.