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What Does Your Cat Do For Fun?

What does your cat do for fun?

At OSSVH, you are asked that question at least once a year when you bring your cat in for his or her wellness exam. Many people are perplexed by this and aren’t sure how to answer the question. Cat enrichment may not be something you think about all the time, but if you have indoor cats it is a good idea to provide your feline friends with activities that provide physical exercise and mental stimulation. Continue…

Let’s Go to Ground!

People get pets for many reasons. Maybe you want companionship or maybe you want motivation to get active, or to get out and meet people. One of the things we hope to accomplish with this blog is to let you know about some of the great activities you can participate in with your pets. Having an activity that you do together is not only a great outlet for them to use up some of their energy but it also can give them a “job” to do and strengthens the bond between owner and pet. Continue…

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