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Tick Talk

With the fall season in full swing,  a discussion on ticks and the diseases they can transmit is timely and important.  Ticks do not die after a frost and will remain active so long as the ground isn’t frozen and temperatures are above freezing. It isdeer tick important to note that Lyme disease is caused by a spirochete bacterium (Borrelia burgdorferi) that is transmitted by ticks, most notably the “deer tick” or “blacklegged tick”.  Deer ticks become most active in the fall season. Continue…

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Announcing our new OSSVH website!

After many months of hard work, we are pleased to announce our newly designed website. We have many new features including updated content, photographs and links.

Special thanks go out to Craig Spinks of Quadrid Productions for our awesome home page video and to Jennifer Reiley for our beautiful photographs. Beyond Indigo is our fabulous web developer. Continue…

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Make Your Own FroYo for Fido

Pets of all kinds love ice cream; dogs, however, seem to be the biggest fans. Many people share their ice cream with their dogs, and some even get their own bowl! While it may taste great, ice cream is not a healthy snack for dogs. There are commercial versions of dog ice cream available at the supermarket but could contain ingredients that may disagree with your pet. Why not make your pet their own healthy version? Continue…