Keoki's Corner

Meet the Breed: Border Terrier

Over the last decade, there have been an increasing number of small dogs finding their way into people’s homes and hearts, according to the AKC. Terriers are among that group and are once again becoming popular.Terrier is derived from the word terra, meaning earth. Terriers are energetic with vivacious personalities. The diversity within the group is vast from the small Cairn to the large Airedale and includes 28 breeds recognized by the AKC and other breeds not yet recognized or in another group. Continue…

Welcome to Keoki’s Corner

Welcome to Keoki’s Corner, the brand new blog at OSSVH!


Keoki, pictured to the right, is one of our live in cats.  We took him in when his previous owner could no longer care for him and have all fallen in love with him, which is why we have chosen to name the blog after him.

In this technology driven era, there are a wide variety of resources available online for the pet owner.  That being said, with these resources often comes misinformation.

By creating this blog, we hope to provide you with useful, reliable, and timely information… and hope to have a little fun too.  You will see a wide variety of topics discussed including services we offer here such as boarding, grooming, reproduction, laser therapy and acupuncture, medical problems pets face, alternative medicinal therapies, breed highlights and other interesting current topics.

Please check back as we will have new posts each week.  If you have any suggestions for topics you would like to see here please send us an email to