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Mental Illness in Pets

Did you know that pets can suffer from mental illness like humans?  Pets can suffer from a multitude of mental illnesses that include anxiety, phobias, dementia, and obsessive compulsions.   Have you ever watched those videos of cats and dogs doing silly things like continually walking in circles, biting at invisible flies, or obsessive grooming?  These are just some of the manifestations of mental illness in animals.  Some owners use laser pointers to play with their dogs.  In some cases this has caused dogs to become afraid of light reflections or shadows.  Many owners don’t realize that many behaviors they think are “normal” for their pets are actually signs of mental illness. Continue…

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Tick Talk

With the fall season in full swing,  a discussion on ticks and the diseases they can transmit is timely and important.  Ticks do not die after a frost and will remain active so long as the ground isn’t frozen and temperatures are above freezing. It isdeer tick important to note that Lyme disease is caused by a spirochete bacterium (Borrelia burgdorferi) that is transmitted by ticks, most notably the “deer tick” or “blacklegged tick”.  Deer ticks become most active in the fall season. Continue…

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Pet Heat Safety

Colling off on a hot day

With summer weather approaching, heatstroke is something every pet parent should be informed about. It is serious and often fatal result of a pet’s prolonged exposure to excessive heat. Below are some tips to keep your pets safe in the heat, possible signs of heatstroke and the actions you should take if your pet is overheated. Continue…