Dental Care Services for Pets

Dental Grading

Dental Grade 1 Photo

Grade 1

Dental Grade 2 Photo

Grade 2

Dental Grade 3 Photo

Grade 3

Dental Grade 4 Photo

Grade 4

Following your pet’s dental evaluation, OSSVH will give your pet a grade based on a dental grading scale of grade 0 to grade 4. We recommend a professional dental cleaning and evaluation under anesthesia for any pet receiving a grade 2 or higher.

  • Grade 0—No plaque or gingivitis present. Young, healthy dogs and cats between 6 and 12 months of age are often grade 0.
  • Grade 1—Mild gingivitis and plaque are present. A grade 1 condition is often reversible with brushing and appropriate chewing.
  • Grade 2—Mild to moderate tartar (mineralized plaque and bacteria) and gingivitis are present on multiple teeth. Gingivitis is usually reversible after professional scaling and polishing.
  • Grade 3—Heavy tartar and periodontal disease with bone loss are present. With grade 3 patients, oral pain is likely. Tooth lesions and fractures may be present under tartar. We typically recommend dental X-rays to fully evaluate bone loss and tooth health.
  • Grade 4—Severe tartar, periodontal disease, and oral pain are present. With grade 4 patients, tooth loss is imminent. OSSVH recommends dental X-rays to fully evaluate bone loss and tooth health.

Digital Dental X-Ray

Dental X-Ray Photo

OSSVH operates a digital dental X-ray machine that provides excellent images and important insight into your pet’s dental problems. Using this equipment enables us to evaluate the roots of any teeth that may be diseased.

Prophylactic Dental Cleanings and Evaluations

Dental Cleaning Photo

If our veterinarians recommend dental cleanings or dental evaluations based on your pet’s dental grade, you can rest assured that we use only the safest available anesthetics and that we monitor your pet’s vital signs throughout the procedure. OSSVH also uses pre-, intra-, and post-operative pain management to keep your pet comfortable before, during, and after all dental procedures.