Oncology Services

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Getting a diagnosis of cancer in your beloved pet can be devastating. Fortunately, much can be done to help treat cancer.

We are pleased to offer a variety of oncology services at OSSVH. Dr. Kathleen Phillips runs our oncology service. Dr. Phillips gained experience in the field of oncology while working closely with specialists for many years at a local referral center. During your pet's initial consultation, Dr. Phillips will evaluate your pet and tailor a treatment plan which may include the utilization of a board certified oncologist.

Your pet's quality of life is of the utmost importance, so our goal is not only to prolong life through chemotherapy but also to improve quality of life and alleviate suffering. There are many misconceptions and myths about pets with cancer and treatment, especially with chemotherapy. Our goal is to help replace the misconceptions and fear with knowledge and hope.

We have a state-of-the-art chemotherapy hood and access to the latest chemotherapeutic drugs so we can ensure that we meet the highest standards of safety and provide the best possible treatment for your pet. We have a quiet and comfortable room dedicated to chemotherapy. You have the option of waiting while your pet is being treated to minimize any stress.

OSSVH Stories


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Jolly is an 8-year-old Portuguese Water Dog. She was diagnosed with Stage III Lymphoma in June, 2012, at the age of six. Jolly went through a multi-agent chemotherapy protocol. She went into remission very quickly (no evidence of disease). However, she was much more sensitive to the drugs than most dogs and did have unacceptable gastrointestinal side effects. Given this, we only gave her drugs she could tolerate and at a dose she could tolerate. She was a little nervous to come here, so we made sure to schedule her treatments when her owner could stay and wait to minimize the time she spent in treatment and the chemo room. She completed her protocol in November, 2012. As of today, Jolly is very happy and healthy and still in her first remission! Her two-year anniversary is coming up and we plan on having a big party for her.


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Revi is an 11 year old Vizsla. Revi has a history of Mast Cell Tumors on her skin. Despite removal of each tumor, more would pop up elsewhere. She ultimately developed a large one, which was not completely removed with surgery. Given this and her history of so many tumors we decided to give her chemotherapy. Revi did great during chemotherapy! She loved to come here and receive cookies before and after her treatment. Her quality of life and energy level improved during her chemo. We are pleased to report she has not had any new tumors 1½ years later!

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